Frequently Asked Questions

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How long does a session last?
How long does a patient have to be involved with these sessions?
Are relaxation sessions covered by Medicare or Insurance?
How do I know this works?
What is the Theory of Operation (or Mechanism)?
Does the technology treat diseases like Arthritis, Parkinson's Disease, Fibromyalgia, etc?
Do you have different magnetic field strengths for different health conditions?
Should I try the relaxation sessions instead of using a drug that my doctor has recommended?
Is this technology safe?
When Should Magneceutical™ relaxation sessions not be used?
What makes this device different from magnets in bracelets, necklaces, or mattresses?
Why should I try this?

HALO™ Home Unit Questions

What does "HALO™" stand for ?
Why would I want a unit in my home (the HALO™)?
Does the HALO™ (HOME UNIT) provide the same magnetic field as the one in my doctor's office ?
How much does it cost ?
Can I pay less ?
How does the HALO™ compare to other PEMF devices ?
Do I get a computer and chair with my HALO™ unit ?
Do I need a specific type of Computer ?
Where can I find a chair like the one that comes with the Magnesphere™?
Will the HALO™ work from my Smartphone or Tablet ?
I don't have Internet access at my home,will the HALO™ still work ?
Can I treat other people in my HALO™ ?
What if my spouse wants to try the HALO™, do we have to buy two ?
Is it easy to setup ?
I have already seen my Doctor and want to buy a HALO™, how do I do that ?
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